coffee table love

So Simply Grove and I were brainstorming ideas for my small living room that we claim is the husb’s main room (where he actually gets to choose the look ; ).  We needed a few pieces to finish up the space so I begged SG to help me, she agreed as long as I fed her (it’s nice having a bestie who works for food, sometimes).  We came up with the idea of a re-purposed crate style coffee table + casters…I fell in love with the idea.  But all the ones I found were not the right size or too much $.  She has a father-in-law who can build anything and so we hired to make it.  I mean pretty much nothing is better than custom built exactly the way you want!

Here’s a pic of the finished table, haven’t really fine tuned the styling of the table, used what I had…but sure love the look & feel.  The husb pretty much agrees to anything rustic/modern for the room and this fit his style choice perf.   Thanks Mr. Grove, your amazing & SG for tradings Chai & snacks for design consulting!!

ps: again, i know my iphone is an unfair medium for this gorgeous table, but hey you got to see it!

latest obsessions #2

Thought I would keep the trend of posting my food cravings going, it seems to be the most exciting thing I have going….ha..ha…j/k, but it does wake me early ;)

So delish! Rice crackers, herbed goat cheese & garlic olives.

Don’t judge ;)   I’ve convince myself it’s better for me than dessert (ie: ice cream/pie/chocolate) so I dive in like it’s my last meal!

Fresh salsa after my weekly visit to the farmer’s market…seriously SO good. ( i use roma tomatoes, jalapenos, lime, red onion, garlic, cilantro, s+p)

These are just a few of the latest…oh there’s more, just wait.  We are now 6 months pregnant and it still feel like forever until I get to hold her, yes, it’s a her and we are too excited!!!!  We have a name, but I will wait to post it until she’s born.  I plan to post a baby update ultra sound pic and a belly pic soon (soon as I get an outfit that makes me look skinny j/k)!

special kind of poop!

I was at the Farmer’s Market this week and saw this really great product + good marketing for such a funny product!  Poo peas is basically just cow poop that is made into tiny pebbles for fertilizer.  If you normally use manure for fertilizer this might be your savior, it’s tiny hard dry pebbles and it comes with a scoop so hands stay clean!  Pretty great idea and I’m super excited to see the results.  It does say it’s oderless and that I can’t really affirm as I have prego nose and I could smell a peice of paper in another room ; )  So for me it wasn’t orderless, but again don’t take my word for it.  I’ll keep you posted on results, I tried on my tomatoes plants that were doing well, but not amazing… hoping for speedy maters soon!

ps: sorry for iphone photos, but with time like sand in my hands lately it will be my camera of choice for a bit…love me anyways : )

latest obsession

You know your pregnant when…..your store keeps running out of your favorite cereal, so you go to amazon and buy it by the case?!  Embarrassed, yes, that’s why I thought to tell everyone!  Why must they put kids on the front?…probably to add to our mentality we should be eating granola or bran flakes when you get old.  Tired of my food posts? Well, I apologize, but they will prob keep coming….sorry. #pregnantladysyndrome

Anyway, seriously this cereal is amazing.  I’m not a big fan of cereal for being healthy, not really sure it’s a super good way to start your day, so I usually have it for a snack or midnight starving attack.  Have the best weekend!!

summer salads!

I made this salad the other night and we all devoured it!  I love salads especially in the summer, but I get bored with them so I’m ever looking for new recipes or changing my own.  I paired this salad with a chorizo regianno pasta…probably wouldn’t go there again, but some buttered crusty sourdough bread and lemon chicken breast would have been heaven!  Although I ate it alone today for a light lunch and completely enjoyed myself too!

Barth Bodacious Broccoli Salad (feel free to give it a real name?!)

8 slices crispy bacon
3 heads fresh broccoli, chopped
1 cup sharp Cheddar cheese, or dry gouda from gourmet section, not the regular gouda and shred
1/4 finely diced red onion
1/4 salted/roasted sunflower seeds
1/2 c raisins

1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/8 cup white sugar
2 teaspoons ground black pepper (you can use less, it was really peppery but our fam likes spicy)
3/4 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

Make sure you use crispy bacon not the thick cut or your jaw will get a lifetime work out ;) .  Just mix the sauce separate and pour in desired amount, then refrigerate for an hour and serve.

is it summer yet?

Not sure about where you live, but it sure isn’t here!  We are usually in the high 70′s with heaps of sunny days, not so much lately…50′s/60′s & rain are the norm here right now.   I laugh at the daily blog/twitter/fb posts where people keep declaring their frustration with the spring/summer that apparently doesn’t want to come!  Never the less, we planted our garden….Stella loves dirt or should I say mud since planting was a bit muddy due to all the rain.  I am from Seattle so this weather isn’t my fav, but doesn’t make me freak as this is pretty normal for that area.  My garden has not noticed too much, everything like peas, garlic, onions, lettuce, carrots and spinach is sprouting like champs.  My tomato plants and freshly planted flowers look like they’ve been through war w/all the nasty weather, but hoping they perk up when summer comes!

Before hanging it up for today, I just want to say we definitely have no room to complain on our weather when I think of all the tragic weather so many parts of our world, especially the most recent in Joplin. Know we’ve been praying for you and thinking about your life now and our hearts ache for what you’ve gone through. So much love and prayers are coming to you.

If your interested in helping with the relief efforts in these hardest hit areas, go here & here…thank you so much!!

in the raw

What do you think about raw milk?  It used to only be available at select local markets and now I am seeing more and more of it, even at large chain stores.  I’ve purchased raw milk from our local market, but I can’t help being a tad bit nervous giving it to my kids….wondering, is it as safe?  Am I sacrificing their safety for more nutrient milk?  So I did a little research on it’s safety and posed the question: are the benefits really that much better?

Raw Milk Benefits:

  • Certain vital proteins and antibiotic protein & enzymes are kept when the milk is NOT heated.  Those proteins/enzymes help with digestion, may help reduce the severity of asthma symptoms, & kill bad bacteria in milk.
  • Raw cow’s milk has all 8 essential amino acids.
  • It contains powerful antiviral properties.
  • Improved absorption and assimilation of iron, anti-cancer properties and anti-microbial action against several species of bacteria responsible for dental cavities.
  • Pasteurized milk still sickens people in far greater numbers than the more heavily regulated raw product.
  • The taste is not even compared to pasteurized, it’s absolutely delicious.

Raw Milk Risks:

  • Raw milk from cows fed diets heavy in grain, soybeans and cottonseed meal, etc., apparently cannot effectively protect itself from pathogenic infection. So be sure to buy organic, raw, free range…which most raw milk is done this way, but please be sure.
  • The risk of staph, listeria, and other common diseases from cows milk are real, but are extremely rare in raw milk.

I guess pasteurization has not always been around, but neither were factory farms. Do you think making the dairy industry into a factory instead of a farm is the main reason we need pasteurization?  Did you know that there are pathogens that are both widespread and heat resistant to pasteurization?  Uh, scary, also those same pathogens have been link to Crohn’s Disease! It seems to me raw & pasteurize milk have risks, but the risks seem greater on the pasteurized side, especially if you look at stats re: milk recalls.

So in my opinion raw milk is the better choice,  BUT if you choose raw, your source is the most important decision to keeping your family safe.  Check the source out, usually the store that carries the raw milk has information on the farm they get their raw milk from.  For those of you who forgo dairy altogether, great job….I have a LOVE affair with cheese that forbids me to take that route!

I gave just a brief bit of information, here, here, & here are some great sites for more.

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Where to start? Hmm…let me list my reasons for being M.I.A.

[3 week vacay, but forgot our good camera?!, so, sorry about the phone pic, it was better than no pics]

[were preggo with surprise baby, due early december]

Husband graduated real estate school, still 2 classes to go at BSU until he’s finished there.  Busy finishing the year homeschooling the 2 kiddos!

Whewww….does that excuse me for my month hiatus?  It was crazy busy. Oh and yes we are super excited to be pregnant again, especially since we thought we had closed that door!! With our other 3 being appx 6 years apart, this will be new territory having 2 under/at 2years.  We’ve had just finished giving most all our baby stuff, except the crib away….that must be the secret to getting pregnant!  Anyhoo….fun times, thinking of 4 little people to care for causes me to nearly hyperventilate at times…yet having heaps of babies has been a dream always so we are thrilled.  Feeling great so far, which is a huge thank you God for sure.  Late night cold cereal, gourmet cheeses, & fruit are the current must haves.  I never had craving this early before, usually never felt much like eating this early in my pregnancies….so not sure what that’s about…baby likes to eat? Hope your spring has been amazing, hope to be posting more than once a month!! xx

nestled in the woods

This Seattle home has so many eye catching details & it’s also Platinum LEED certified.  Seattle has SO many gorgeous and architecturally gaze worthy LEED homes.

[I LOVE the little pocket room to the right with the huge window]

[What do you think of the concrete & wood mixture, too cold or just right? ]

[ Do you see the wood floors here and then notice is turns to cement visually lovely]

[little hidden entry bench so sweet, with all the different textures on the exterior of this home it feels warm, organic, & inviting]

Hope your having a fab Friday!  My brother just moved here from Alabama so we’ve been having the best time.  First time in 16 years I’ll have lived by a family member from my side of the fam…pretty awesome.  Have the best weekend and could someone please pray for SUN….seriously please!

water bottle hacker

My mom-in law sent me this cool way to reuse your water bottle.  It may not be for everyone, but I think it’s pretty ingenious!!

step 1

step 2

Nice, don’t you think.  Do you have any other ideas?  I’m not currently buying bottled water, but they sneakily find their way in my home…aka kids/husb ; )

via, Life Hacker here

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